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Bible Study Series

To foster growth and development as Christians, Pleasant View Baptist is committed to encouraging regular Bible reading.  We gather on Wednesday nights for an in-depth examination of a particular book or topic.  This page features a collection of past topics and an overview of this series.  Please join us for this invaluable time of fellowship, prayer, and study!

Our Current Study Series

Our current Bible Study series focuses on the Epistle of James.  The core message of this book revolves around the importance of living a godly life and faithfully adhering to God's teachings. Through his extensive writing, James delves into the intricate relationship between faith and actions. He emphasizes that true faith is demonstrated through works.

Previous Study Series

Our last study was an in-depth study of the book of Jeremiah. We looked at the very eventful life and career of this prophet. Primary themes in this book are God's judgement and God's grace.

We have also examined the the book of Lamentations. Similar to the thought-provoking book of Job, Lamentations presents a person who follows God grappling with the complexities of evil and suffering that exist in our world. In the Book of Lamentations, we are reminded of the importance of both mourning over our sin and asking the Lord for His forgiveness when we fail Him. 

A previous Bible study series was an in-depth look at the Book of Revelations. Because of this book’s use of complex and unfamiliar images, it is often difficult to read and interpret. You are welcome to review these audio recordings and join us as we grappled with Revelations’ mysteries and seek to uncover its messages for our lives today.

Another previous study was an in-depth study of the book of Genesis. In this book, we read of God’s creation of the world. We explored the relationship between God and mankind as set forth in this text and discussed the relevance these Old Testament precepts have for Christianity today.

Previously we have examined the book of Daniel, beginning with the dramatic story of the prophet's life as a servant of the king of Babylon and trying to stay faithful to his God and ending with an examination of his apocalyptic visions which serve as an important prelude to the end time prophesies recorded in the Book of Revelations.

Prior studies have focused on the books of Hebrews and Judges.

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